5.5 litre Star Model Pressure Cooker

Product Code: 5.5 Litre Star Model Pressure Cooker

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5 LITRE STAR SHAPED PRESSURE COOKER FEATURES: Virgin alluminium Does not corrode or react with food Curved body for easy stirring Better visibility of food Ideal for cooking for: 5-7Persons Capacity : 3 liters Package contents: 1-Piece Pressure cooker Good design-looks and style Good functionality-it does the job well Durable-lasts as long as it should Value of money Strong brand reputation Best quality at best price is a motto of Darkpyro.Darkpyro deals in only quality products ,before supply products go through 3 way quality inspection by darkpyro.we also take care of products packing,we do 3 cover packing of the products,first poly bag on products than heavy box on that and final big poly bag packing.so it can not be damage while transporting.

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